Monday, May 4, 2009

After months of driving by the Spicer Brothers produce stand in Oregon City with only good intentions of stopping we finally shopped there this Saturday. And I think we'll be stopping there again soon... (Coincidentally the fruit bowl is on a large "random animal facts" puzzle that Clay and I spent hours on Friday night. When it comes to random science tidbits we make quite the team.)

My motivation to eat healthy this week just shot up a few notches. Especially when Clay cooks the meals... =o) like this delicious stir fry he concocted on Saturday night. I even let him put some mushrooms in...aren't I a good wife...

In fact Saturday was just a good day in general. Besides filling our kitchen with delectable produce we also enjoyed a long walk along the Sellwood waterfront (Baldrick learned how to swim!), a wonderful afternoon nap and a nice relaxing movie night.


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