Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day! Hope you're all enjoying the resulting revelries of the day. We're having an unusually quiet one this year (so far), and since I woke up and actually remembered what day it is I don't anticipate anything catastrophic.

These are some pictures of Margaret's new t-shirt that I made. My latest craft project. We thought the message might be of some interest.

This shirt was used to convey the message to our parents a couple weeks ago during a visit to Missouri and, although it took longer than we thought it would, it did eventually get the message across =-) Margaret IS a big sister, we are expecting our new little Dodson addition on October 16th! We are all very excited (although Margaret doesn't know what to be excited about yet) and can't wait to meet the new member of our family. Everything is going smoothly so far, we were able to hear the heartbeat at week 10 (we're currently in week 12) and I haven't even had to put up with morning sickness this time around.

Besides this big blessing our lives all continue in the normal routine. Clay is staying busy at work and seems to still enjoy the different aspects and challenges of it. I'm staying busy with the young 'uns at home (namely Margaret and the dog) and have gotten more active in our church community, attending a ladies breakfast, dutch blitz night (affectionately termed "mommy sanity night"), and helping start a preschool playgroup.

Margaret has lately taken to ordering the dog around (stamping her little foot at him), saying "there it is!" whenever things suddenly appear, and loves running to greet her dad with an exuberant "hi!" in the evenings. She is quite the character and we're having a blast with each new thing she does. Everything is exciting: books, walks outside, music (she LOVES to dance), trying on her parent's shoes, brushing her hair, chasing the cat, lugging her rocking horse around, and playing with her friends at playgroup. She knows all of her animal noises and is constantly entertaining us with her antics. Baldrick also gave us some excitement this past weekend when we swallowed a screw and washer. We ended up going to the vet for an x-ray yesterday afternoon and were glad to find out that it was no longer there. Life is exciting and we anticipate it getting even more exciting this fall =-)


  1. HOORAY! Congrats on the new little one. And I'm so glad you don't have yucky morning sickness. Oh jOy! Can't wait to tell Keith... He'll be thrilled!

  2. Very exciting! We're so happy for you - Margaret will be a great big sister!

  3. Wow, congratulations Elissa! How exciting. :)

  4. Hooray for another Dodson on the way! We're so excited for you guys! Are you coming to family camp? It would be great to see you there!

  5. Congratulations! We made a similar t-shirt for Alice when I was expecting Clive -- it also took longer than we thought to get the message across. My brother-in-law even thought it must just be a handmedown!