Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We made it home safely on Monday night from our weekend trip to Missouri.

I think I'm mostly caught up on the laundry, unpacking and grocery shopping so it's back to the daily routine. It was a very busy weekend with too much traveling but we got two really nice days of visiting in with our families. And it was nice being back in the country - we're both getting so impatient to move out of the big city and have some land and room to breathe! We got to inspect our hopefully future house on Clay's parent's farm - but only from a distance since they currently have renters there. It's got a lovely big chicken shed that could be divided into two sheds, one for a goat. And there's a big yard for fruit trees and flower gardens and a large vegetable garden spot by the chicken coop. And of course room for horses too. It's also right across the driveway from the field and creek where Clay proposed! Wouldn't that be fitting? We're just brimming full of plans for the place, interior decorations, gardens, animals and even adding on another bedroom or so in the future. Just need to get Clay a job in Springfield...

On Saturday Clay and I got to help with some calving procedures on his parent's farm, in the pouring rain no less. One of their cows had twins so we jumped in the farm truck with his parents (all geared up in full length slickers, boots and cowboy hats) to bring the new little family to a paddock near the house where we could make sure the mom would take care of both the babies. Clay and I held the brand new slippery little calves in the back of the truck while his dad drove and his mom enticed the cow to follow us with a bucket of grain. Made me miss country life even more and wish we could live nearby to help with farm chores!

Kayce & Ben's wedding reception was on Saturday night. Margaret was THE party animal. After our delicious dinner (adding some style by having a high chair at the head table) she ran out onto the dance floor and didn't leave for the next two hours - well past her bedtime. Even when no one else was out there she was in the middle twirling around and stamping her feet. Her second cousin Alyiah (who is a year older) even convinced her to hold hands and dance together for a long time. At the end she was so tired she was scooting around on her belly because she couldn't stand. She was still reluctant to leave the floor but I finally convinced her to go to bed in Kayce & Ben's hotel room. It was a fun evening and we were glad to be able to celebrate with the new couple and give them a proper sending off for their honeymoon in Jamaica.

We also had a nice visit with my family all day on Sunday. It was a beautiful spring day outside so we did everything in the backyard. We all got a little too much sun, but it sure was a nice change from the consistently gray, rainy skies of Portland's spring. I got to ride my mustang Chico a little bit in the round pen - if he only knew all the plans I had for him... dressage shows, pulling carts, and much more. I gave Laurel a little lesson on him and it was fun watching her ride. Mom got to ride him too in the driveway, even getting up her nerve enough to canter quite a bit, and she said he was a lot of fun. Cabe and Clara got rides on one of the older horses, Lady. All in all a wonderful day of feasting and fellowshipping with much missed family members. After a tearful good-bye to my family Clay, Margaret and I ended the evening with a walk in the warm dusk to watch the cows eating hay. Spring peepers in the background. Lovely.

Landing at the airport the pilot announced that the weather was 44 and rainy. Welcome back to Portland!


  1. We can't wait until you guys move back here too. We miss you all soooo much! It was good seeing you last weekend even though it was just for a short time. :)

    Kristy & Brent