Monday, April 13, 2009

"'Six-guns and Ropes' was the starting name of this picture where I introduces myself to the screen. It was supposed to've been the days when most everybody wore red flannel shirts and was overweighed about twenty pounds with guns and ammunition. Us boys had to mash down the crown of our hats to make 'em match up with them times and a few was picked out of the crowd to wear full beards, - about that time Sam and I was missing and didn't show up till everything was safe." (The Drifting Cowboy p. 38)

"He was a big black horse by the name of 'Angel Face,' and looking at him you'd swear he belonged to some place where it was hot and the angels had horns." (The Drifting Cowboy p. 100)

Every book and every part of each book is full great stories and descriptions like these...and this is why I love cowboy author and artist Will James.


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