Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Two years ago today Clay and I said "I do" at Ritter Springs State Park in Missouri. Today he's making it through his second day at the new job while I set up home in our new apartment and chase our crawling baby around. It's been a wonderful two years. Unfortunately he has a physical tomorrow morning so we can't celebrate properly with the bottle of wine that we've been storing for a year for the occasion. (The first bottle out of the Dodson Cellar.) That's okay, we're going to have a more official "date" (with Margaret in tow) on Saturday and we can enjoy it then. Tonight will be time for relaxing, a fancy home-cooked dinner, watching wedding videos, and maybe some quality time in the hot tub that's right outside our back door.

Our move has been a success so far. Clay masterfully drove the big rig (26 ft UHaul plus a trailer) and Margaret only cried half of the way. We made it safely in time to check into the apartment and have some young guys from RCC unload our boxes for us. The new apartment's great. I love the floor plan so much more than our last apartment. And it's newer! Which means no bright green kitchen floor or depressingly dark brown carpet and molding. Boxes are slowly disappearing and we're setting up a nice living room with our new futon and beautiful tv armoire (gotta love craigslist).

We attended RCC (Reformation Convenant Church) in Oregon City this past Sunday and enjoyed the service and great fellowship meal afterwards. The meal makes it a bit hard on Margaret since it's during nap time but she did great last time - and what a fabulous way to have fellowship on Sunday. I think we're going to enjoy getting plugged into this new church family. Of course there will be lots of things to miss from Christ Church and its amazing community. We found that church at the absolute perfect time - learning so much while built our marriage foundation and started a family and meeting so many wonderful people. God's timing and plans are perfect and so, while I'm sad about what we've left behind, I'm also very excited about getting involved here and meeting new friends.


  1. Happy Anniversary guys!! We miss you, and will be sad not to have Clay on the Whammers team next year.:) Glad to hear the move went well. Post more pictures when you have time!

  2. elissa, glad the move went well....and that only half the trip sounded of margaret's crying...haha. i'm also glad you enjoyed RCC. We're planning on being there Sept 7 and it will be fun to see you all there.