Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I haven't been carded when buying alcoholic beverages. It's starting to make me feel old. After all I am only 22 (for another couple months), should this be happening yet? I'm assuming it's because I'm only buying wine at Winco with a cart full of groceries and a baby. Perhaps I look a little too frazzled and they just decide to let me alone. Although once was at Applebee's when I got a margarita... baby in tow again, but still...


  1. That's so funny - I always get carded - despite being 26. I would rather just not be carded since it means I have to dig around to get my ID out.

    How's your week going?

  2. So funny! I wasn't carded on my 21st birthday! What's with Moscow thinking you MUST be at least 21 if you have a baby! ha.

  3. Elissa, can't wait to see a post about how you are faring in ol' P. Town. Hope the move is going well.
    I've not been carded in some time either....when i don't have makeup on KC says I look 12. yikes! I guess the checkers at the grocery don't agree.