Monday, June 16, 2008

It's official. Clay was offered a job at the URS Corporation in Portland, Oregon this morning and accepted! We're moving to the Portland area sometime around the end of July. I'm pretty excited about the prospect. I know this means that we probably can't have our dream country home for a while yet, but I think life in (or near) the big city might not be so bad. Clay's even letting me dream about taking riding lessons (jumping or dressage?) at some point. Not only this but Portland has the impression of being one of those rare big cities that actually seems pretty nice. It's close to the Oregon coast/ocean, Mount Hood, Crater Lake, and the Redwoods. We expect a lot of visitors.

Today has been one big day in the Dodson household. Not only did Clay get a job, but I finished my year-long quilting project. I started it last June thinking I could have it done before Margaret was born.... little did I know what I was getting into. So here it is - hand stitched and sewed - the amazing butterfly blanket:

Don't look too closely or you might notice just how much of an amateur effort it was. I'm just proud of myself for seeing it through to completion.


  1. Hi Elissa! I found your blog through Nellie's. Though I am sad you all will be moving in July, that's such an exciting opportunity!! Congratulations to Clay from the Cohens. I'm glad you have a blog so we can still keep up with you a little and see pictures of Margaret growing up!