Monday, June 9, 2008

But it could buy this house.

Clay is in Portland, Oregon today meeting with the URS Company that he might be working for by the end of this summer. Still waiting to find out for sure, but it continues to look promising. Waiting for them to complete his background check and let us know for sure next week. Keep your fingers crossed! Meanwhile, I'm still unofficially apartment/house shopping in the Portland area. Clay and I thought we might be able to buy the house listed above. What do you think? Okay, so not really. If I had that much money I would have more horses to show for it. We did have some fun the other night shopping the multi-million dollar homes in Portland, specifically in the Dunthorpe neighborhood. This one has my dream kitchen. I encourage you to do the search yourself, it provides an evening of entertainment and gives you some interesting interior design ideas.

On another evening this past week we ventured out to Applebee's. I believe this is the first time we've eaten out as a couple since Margaret was born. Thankfully she behaved herself like the lovely lady that she is and we had a great time. She sat in the high chair and spent most of the time sprawled back, head tilted sideways, trying to watch the baseball game on TV. As a TV deprived child she sure is showing signs of becoming a TV addict. Clay was happy with the prospect that she would like to watch some baseball games with him in the future.


  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting our blog. We post for family members that almost never check it, so its encouraging that we could entertain someone else too. :-) I've been glancing around your blog. You've got some great pics of your precious little girl! By the way... wanna grab coffee/tea sometime this week? We could take it on an adventurous walk with Margaret...

  2. I don't know if blogging is the most efficient way to get messages across... I'll call you tonight!

  3. Hi hi! I love finding blogs of people we know!