Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It is no secret that most kids ask a lot of questions as they are growing up. It is how they learn.
A lot of discussions occur when it's not officially school time, and sometimes I think that that is when most of the learning happens.

Our son takes question asking to a professional level.

These questions were all asked within 5 minutes at the breakfast table on Christmas morning:

How heavy are orangutans?
Are orangutans and chimpanzees both endangered?
How big are the biggest orangutans?
How big is the biggest boa constrictor?
How fat is it?
Is the longest snake this fat? (shows approximate width with his hands)
How big do you think an elephant looks?
Can an African Elephant kill an Indian Elephant?
Has an elephant killed a lion?

And ending with: I fall down when I'm amazed at something.

This is a pretty accurate sampling of what usually occurs multiple times a day, every day, in our house. Especially when Clay is around. The kids know that their father loves answering questions and thinking about new things just as much as they do. I do my best to answer as many as I feasibly can, but I usually get easily distracted with dishes, or driving the car, or the fact that I'm standing in his doorway at bedtime about to fall asleep on my feet.....

One of the older kids' favorite times is when their dad drives them into school every Thursday morning, and they get to spend the entire time drilling him with science and geography questions. Homeschooling at its finest.

I tried to jot down a few of Will's questions over a few days this week, just so I can remember this hilarious and fun phase in our lives. There is no way I could record all of his questions, but here are a few of my favorites:

What is the first movie ever made?
What is the first book? 
What is the first war that ever happened?

What do you like better: cheetahs or antelopes? ...(I chose cheetahs, he chose antelopes)
What  do you like better:lions or wildebeest? ...(I chose wildebeest.... Me too!!)
What do you like better:zebras or horses? ...(horses.... I knew you were going to choose that one!)
What do you like better:  cougars or bears?
What do you like better: bald eagles or mice?

What is the third heaviest bird in Missouri? 
Is Lowe's 100 ft tall?
What is the most alienest thing in the sea?
What's the smallest fish in the sea?
Is a shrimp a fish?
What's the biggest jellyfish?
How large are golden eagles? As large as my bedroom? My guitar? As Daddy?
Is a bald eagle or golden eagle bigger?
What is the biggest largest zoo?
What is the roundest animal in the world?

How many pages are there in the world?

 Love this kid.


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