Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yesterday was my grand entrance into a new decade.

(I think that's cause for a grand re-appearance onto my mostly neglected blog.)

And I'm choosing to do so with a heart full of thanksgiving.
Giving thanks is not just a pleasant little thing to do, it is a necessity for me to get through each day with joyfulness and good cheer. (In other words, when I don't stop and give thanks, things aren't so pretty around here!) And it turns out, when I stop and look around, I am pretty darn blessed.

So here is a list of 30 thanksgivings from my birthday, in honor of my new number. 
  • Waking up to my husband bringing fresh coffee & pumpkin cookies (that my daughter made) to me in bed. 
  • A husband who can find me wallering in groggy lethargy tinged with self pity about how old I am and how hard things are (and how early in the morning it is...), and leave me comforted and feeling loved and encouraged to give thanks. 
  • Older children running outside -- still sleepy eyed and with tossled hair -- to wish me a happy birthday (and then do their morning chores on their own!). 
  • Morning mist lying low over the woods.
  • Brisk morning air whipping over my face, making my cheeks rosy with the cold, galloping up a hill.
  • A wonderful big gray horse that will stand patiently while I take pictures from on his back.
    And he smells nice, too. 
  • Hydrangeas. (I love hydrangeas.) Both outside and inside -- all given to me by a husband who indulges me way more than I deserve. 
  • A ridiculously comical flock of guineas that make me laugh in their absurdness no matter how tired I am. 
  • And a goose that "talks" to me whenever she sees me outside. (I like birds.)
  • Susannah's excited squeals and jumping up and down in her nightgown with laughter as I come inside...."Mama! Mama!"
  • Turning on the computer to find thoughtful & sweet birthday greetings from a few of those that I hold dear. 
  • Harriet endearingly shaking her head "no" as she hovers on the floor near her sister's cello that she knows she's not supposed to touch. (It's sooo tempting.....)
  • Sitting on the window seat, listening to my son read me "Cowboy Small". And the excitement with which my lovely eldest daughter tackles her latin & anatomy homework. 
  • Ongoing birthday wishes from friends far & wide. Such a blessing to hear from each and every one.
  •  Beautiful money plant branches -- brought down by Mom -- adorning the top of the piano. 
  • My children making music on piano & cello.
  • Pumpkin spice candles.
  • Receiving homemade cut out paper dolls of "Prince Charming" and "Snow White" from my own sweet little princess, Amelia. 
  • Not being allowed into William's bedroom because there were mysterious paper craft creations being made by all the kids.
  • A hot shower in a quiet house during nap time. 
  • Blow drying my hair. (I know this sounds silly, but this has become a once or twice a year sort of occasion. It feels like pampering now.)
  • Huge, happy baby smiles when I open the nursery door after nap time.  
  • Making a lego dinosaur with William. 
  • My lovely new cranberry red modcloth coat from my husband. (!!) Now I have a reason to look forward to cold weather.
  • Flowers from my mom that perfectly match my new coat. 
  • Askinosie chocolate.
  • Daughters who melt when I get dressed up nice, tell me I look like a queen, and give me long hugs because they love my dress so much.
  • A breathtakingly brilliant sunset.
  • Food that is heaven in your mouth.
  • Long talks over coffee and dessert.
And here is to a new year of counting my blessings every day!


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