Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finally overcoming my denial that fall is here and learning to embrace the crisp autumn days. This involves lots of candles, cups of hot cider, Simon & Garfunkel and Joni Mitchell. Especially on blustery gray days like today.

Staying inside in our cozy, warm home is perfect for today. But, on those gorgeous fall days that the air and glowing sunlight feel so perfect it is impossible to stay inside, we have managed to get out and enjoy life on the farm. Including our annual visit-the-fall-calves hike. Fortunately (since my exercising has been limited this past month or two while we wait for our own fall baby), the herd was situated in the field right next to our house, making them very accessible for visiting. It is such a joy to look out my window and watch the babies cavorting about, chasing guineas and whatever else they can find.

Due to their proximity we have actually taken two walks out into the field. On the first one Clay brought Samson along with us so he could practice his ground driving.

 Susannah was sleeping so just the three older chil'uns had fun running around, practicing their photography skills and generally enjoying life as farm kids.

Our second walk-about was this past weekend, while my little sister was staying with us. 


And this time Susannah got to join us. 

The lighting could not have been more beautiful. A wonderful end to a restful Sunday afternoon.

Off to the woods.



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