Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You may remember that last year our family band (the Deylight Country Orchestra) played at an English Country Dance for the Mid-MO Traditional Dancers. A year later we were on the schedule again (this time for January AND have another chance to come check it out!)

My little sister already put together a lovely blog post recording the evening's high points. You can check out her blog here.

In her post she mentioned a strong connection between the dancers and musicians. I couldn't have said it better. This is why I love playing at dances so much - the combination of beautiful melodies & harmonies with the swirling skirts and stamping is a magical atmosphere. And what's even better is that I get to share that fun experience with my siblings. (Thanks Mom for driving us to all of those music lessons!)

So without further ado... here are the remainder of my pictures from the dance:

We celebrated my Dad's birthday in a side ballroom during intermission. In case anyone was wondering why a loud rendition of happy birthday burst forth from behind the curtain and the band members were sneaking bites of ice cream cake for the rest of the evening.
My mom listening to the music with one of her grandchildren.
The dance hall from the band's view - complete with dancers, dance caller & sound manager.


  1. This would be awesome to *hear*. Can you take some video?

    1. Yes! Actually my dad did take some video but I haven't had a chance to get my hands on it yet :) I would be happy to share once I get a copy!

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