Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Three is a magical age. Still looking like a toddler with the adorably round profile, but starting to come into their own. Full of expression, individual personality blossoming, self-awareness and independence increasing. 

Amelia has been extremely proud of her birthday this year and proud of reaching the big girl age of 3. The last couple weeks she has greeted everyone she meets with three fingers held high and a loud proclamation of: "I'M THREE!!"

Pink is still her favorite color. Pink has never been my favorite color so I never consciously encouraged it with my girls, but Amelia latched onto it with a strong passion. Walking through Hobby Lobby before her birthday I let her point to things she liked so I could get some present ideas.
"PINK!! Look Mama! I like this because it is pink! Pink is my best. Oooo, this is pink! I love this! It is pink." have the general idea of what I listened to for an hour while walking around the store. Surprisingly, she got quite a bit of pink for her birthday. And butterflies. Pink butterflies, mostly.

We also took advantage of the nice weather shortly after her birthday and spent a day at the zoo. She got to converse face to face with a baby Colobus monkey and watch an elephant chase an armadillo. I love warm early spring days at the zoo when it is still empty and the animals are feeling frisky.

Amelia is so proud of her cutesy smile it's hard to capture the real one. I have to be quick.

She is our ham. Boisterous, outgoing, bubbly. A loving sister and daughter, smothering me with kisses every time she walks by (sometimes she warns me from across the room...."Maaamaaa!! I'm going to kiss you!"). Animal lover to the extreme. Strong in her desires and in her warmth. 

And for some deja vu... here are Amelia and Margaret at the same age, with the same outfit, at the exact same place. They're definitely sisters.



  1. Happy 3rd birthday, Miss Amelia! I was thinking of you all lots on her special day.

  2. I am glad you did the comparison photo between Amelia & Margaret. As I was looking at the others I couldn't help but think, "Goodness, she looks just like Margaret did at that age." Cute as ever. Happy belated birthday!!!