Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It has become a tradition of ours to go for a family hike out to see the fall calves. I know I said I would try to post all of our horsey pics and info on the Cross D facebook page, but my camera finger got a little trigger happy......kids, horses and cows and evening lighting.... too much to resist.

Amelia offered to lead Fritz while Will rode him, we had to kindly turn down this sweet gesture.

Instead they took turns. Will rode on the way out and Amelia rode on the way back. The lighting was better on the way back so poor Will is less documented. Still, he looked pretty sharp in his cowboy get up, and did an excellent job navigating trail obstacles on his little ranch horse.


We could have tacked up another horse, but it was also Margaret's first time "trail riding" Sackett all by herself, so we didn't want to add too many elements. They made a good team.

Across the fields, through the creek, through several gates, all the way across the farm.... we finally found the babies. It was a glorious evening for a hike/ride.


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