Friday, June 22, 2012

Margaret & William can spend hours with their building blocks. It is fun to watch Margaret's creativity as she learns how to construct little houses or fastidiously tries to re-create something from the instructions booklet. William is all about height. Tall teetering towers. Tall teetering towers on top of other tall teetering towers. Sky scrapers are where it's at.

He likes to use a variety of block sizes too, just to add some spice to the architectural design. Sometimes this can cause some precarious situations, but no worries. It's all about the view from the top. I have a feeling his buildings are going to be the next big thing in New York City. Especially if they have large daisies painted on the sides.

And, like any master artist, he obtains terrific satisfaction out of his work.


  1. Those building blocks look strangely familiar:)