Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter season came and went. Quickly. I have to tell myself I am building up our traditions bit by bit, a little bit more every year. Next year I can add a few more things and it will be an even richer season for our family. This makes me feel (slightly) better when I realize that I accomplished less than half of the activities that were on my list for this year. But I have big plans. 
I did manage to complete a few things. Like a resurrection garden, for the kids to watch the grass growing (new life) and to add excitement on Easter when we rolled away our own little stone to find an empty grave. Maybe next year I will remember to water it better. And find a rounder stone to seal the tomb.

We also did resurrection rolls on Easter morning. I got the idea and recipe from this blog. They were not as sugary as I thought they might be, which was a pleasant surprise, and they were a big hit with the kids. Although William was a little disappointed that the marshmallow disappeared.

We also did Easter baskets (buckets, rather) for when the kids first got up in the morning. I tried to fill them with cute clothing accessories and doo-dads, but of course I had to throw in a chocolate bunny as well. I have to say, William did look pretty spiffy in his new suspenders and newsboy cap. And of course the girls were beautiful (as always).

We enjoyed a lovely worship service with our fabulous church family. And I even managed to join in the music making for the prelude (thanks to a brave husband managing three kiddos in a back row). 

Then it was back home to host Clay's family for what has become an annual Easter feast at our house.

Good food, beautiful spring weather, a fun egg hunt and some frisbee throwing.

We sectioned off a corner of the yard for the babies to scout out eggs, but there didn't seem to be much interest in that department. Kayce did give Kathryn a nice blue egg which she shook around for a bit until my daughter managed to surreptitiously steal it and open it, and then the dog ate all the jelly beans.

Margaret and William, on the other hand, were egg hunting fools.

Next year I plan on doing an Easter Tree (like the one on this blog). With verses and activities for all of Lent and Easter week. I want to steep our family culture in the richness and blessings that come with the Easter season. The cross and the empty grave.

Most importantly I want to live our daily lives in the confidence and fullness that comes with knowing that He is Risen. Hallelujah.


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