Thursday, April 19, 2012

Margaret and William are well into the make-believe stage. Imaginations are running wild. Of course most things still currently tie back into something with John Wayne. Old Johnny never had bigger fans. You'd think we let them watch John Wayne every night, instead of the actual once-every-few-weeks family treat. Occasionally their "John Wayne" games have funny comments that catch me off guard, like: "This is John Wayne's carseat" or "This sounds like John Wayne's {cheezy} guitar!" (while listening to a Moller Symphony). Margaret is often 'Mrs. Wayne'.

But their make-believe games bring in various other aspects from their day to day life, and I get to eavesdrop and find out what has made an impression on them. Like the cowboy shooting competition at horsefest, or a ride on the zoo train, or various Bible stories (you know, like John Wayne catching the bad guys who killed Jesus on the cross....), or just funny snippets from our day to day home life involving our family or the animals. They also often pretend to be their cousins or friends. 

Cleaning up the toy room, or just walking around the house, I often notice little make believe sets - toys meticulously organized and abandoned in the midst of some great story plot. The other morning I found this train, with its lizard conductor, set up nicely on our window seat. Something about the combination of toys, the morning light, and the mental image it sparked of Will playing just made my day. 


I have realized it is good therapy for me to stop, and notice, and smile over the toy arrangements, and the make-believe games they involved, rather than simply noticing the mess in the toy room with a grimace.Life with toddlers is beautiful.


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