Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clay and I have thrown around a lot of ideas for building up our little farm empire. A vineyard, making maple syrup, sleigh rides, Christmas trees, an Orchard and cider press...

We've also been exploring ideas for utilizing the empty cement silo behind the barn. So far the options have been to use it as a roosting spot for free range chickens, housing the vineyard wine equipment, and more. My personal favorite was to put a platform on top, maybe with a hot tub and a telescope? Or we could always opt for the house option, like this one, except above ground.

But I think our best idea was just hatched last night.

It all started with William's current obsession with horses and cows bucking. Every game somehow involves him riding a bucking bull and falling off. All the toy horses have been renamed from Sackett to Chico, after Chico's lengthy display of galloping and bucking around the field on Saturday. As a result Clay and I have joked about letting him enter a muttonbusters competition at a rodeo.

And then I got the brilliant idea. We could breed champion bucking sheep. Sell them across the country for all of the muttonbusting competitions. Then we can advertise: "Visit the Vineyards & Orchard at Cross-D Ranch - Home of the Champion Bucking Mutton Baa-dacious, Never been ridden by any children aged 9 and under".

I have always wanted the job of naming bucking bulls. This would be my chance. We could start with sheep appropriate variations of some PBR's finest:

Little Bucks
Slick Woolly
Kids Rock