Friday, April 22, 2011

We're still alive, just not on the blog world last week. And currently the electrician is climbing around in our attic preparing for our new addition and threatening to shut down the power any minute. So I better make this brief.

My excuse for being so mysteriously absent is that two Clinton Anderson horse training video series came in at the library in the same week. This meant that I had about 24 hours of horse training to watch during nap times, evenings and early mornings - all my usual blogging times. Now the videos have been returned and my pages of notes have been dutifully recorded on my training website. I can't say that Tramp and Chico are too happy about my new tips and training game plan... but I'm enjoying learning how to implement it all on them... my little guinea pigs (or rather large ones, in Tramp's case). Fortunately for them I only have two blocks of free time a week set aside for messing about with horses.

Margaret did get to overhear a couple training video sessions while she colored or did crafts in the adjoining room, evidenced by her repeating important phrases like: "bump, bump, bump". And then playing with her toy horses and informing me that "this big black horse is being pushy, I need to tie him up for a while". She'll be a natural.

Meanwhile, everyone keeps getting bigger...

Margaret has been working on her artistic abilities by coloring Baldrick's nose with chalk.

And William strives really hard to improve his excellent table manners.