Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We are now in the midst of Advent season, and I am slowly beginning to feel like I have a hold on things. After a whirlwind Thanksgiving week (including three full Thanksgiving meals on as many days...I still feel like my stomach is hugely distended, oh wait, maybe that's my pregnant belly), we somehow managed to put up a tree last Sunday - the first day of Advent. A couple days later it is actually decorated and the Christmas boxes are stored safely downstairs once again.

The presents are slowly getting purchased and wrapped (I think the UPS man must be utterly sick of driving up our driveway, we see him almost every day). And I even have all of the Advent stockings filled with little doo-dads and Christmas treats.

Here is a good post on what Advent is and why it is important to celebrate. This same website is posting a daily Advent reading and application study. Last year was my first attempt to celebrate this season and begin family traditions in our home. This year it feels good to pull out my completed Advent calendar and the binder of daily readings, craft ideas, etc that I started. In case you are interested: this website is where I got a lot of my information from (although it looks like it is currently under construction). We also are planning to celebrate Saint Nicholas Day and Santa Lucia Day within the Advent season. Today's Advent activity was stringing popcorn and cranberries. They add a great touch to our farm cut cedar tree!

With our previously balmy fall weather and the preoccupation of Thanksgiving I was feeling quite mentally unprepared for Christmas. But the Christmas tree and sudden wintry weather (we even got some minuscule snow flurries yesterday!) have worked their magic. I'm even listening to Christmas music every day, admiring how cozy our house now feels, and loving sipping egg nog in the evenings. Advent season is here!


  1. I like your advent calendar! I think that is what that is...I love the holidays!