Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Margaret is currently sleeping in and recovering from a weekend full of birthday festivities. The big family celebration was on Saturday and, even though it wasn't exactly like William's party, I think she still had a fabulous time. Ever since his birthday party a month ago she has had it in her mind that she would have a train on her birthday cake, too. And get all the same presents, too. And Daddy would cook outside, too. But the big pot of chili, angel food cake with candy flowers and the enormous stash of fun presents that she unwrapped all seemed to suffice. She could hardly wait to blow out the candle and managed to conquer it while Clay was still a few feet away.

On the day of her actual birthday I took her and William to the zoo and then topped off the expedition with a chocolate milk shake. She got a little tired of me trying to capture her three-year-old-adorableness but the animals were a big hit. And so was riding in her new little red wagon in her new jean jacket. And getting to come home and play with all her new toys.

I am so thankful for Margaret. Her laid-back attitude, her cheerful and curious spirit, her helpfulness and love of her little brother. Her robust song singing at home, her story telling, her happy dances and exuberant laugh. She is definitely the best first child we could ever have asked for, her first three years have been such a blessing for us and I look forward to continuing to see her grow in maturity and beauty.


  1. Elissa, this is beautiful! :)
    what a treasure she is, and what a joy it is for me to read about your family. Your photies are stunning. What a dear girl Margaret is.
    But I'm not surprised =)