Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Although we completed this particular project a week or two ago I'm still reveling in the finished product. Clay put many, many hours of labor into the renovation of our chicken coop (with his parents' help). All I did was coat the whole thing in paint and make mildly helpful suggestions. Here it is in all its unfinished glory:

There were lots of treasures stored away in this old chicken coop. Like Margaret's green swing, a Margaret sized toy three-wheeler and a bouncy horse. Not to mention the rotten boards, broken glass, miscellaneous scrap metal, old flower pots and more. The wren family and big opossum that had made it their home weren't too pleased with us but we tried to evict them in a gentle manner.

We fenced off the whole area from the cow pasture and planted a couple sugar maples (and next year we'll add our fruit trees to this area). Then came a truck load of siding, lots of nails, a couple rolls of chicken wire, a couple doors made, a couple gallons of paint, new roof tin, a frame built for the outside run, some fancy nest boxes constructed and a lot of hard work. A few weeks later (or maybe it was months...) we could finally step back and admire the results of our hard labor.

Now we're just sitting back waiting for those chickens to start laying. Meanwhile they make very efficient food scrap disposals.


  1. Wow - amazing job you guys! It looks brand new! Enjoy the chickens and coop.