Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recently I loaded up the back of my van with cardboard boxes unearthed from the bottomless pit of my mom's downstairs closet. They were filled with my old school work, journals and doo-dads in storage from my childhood. A treasure trove. And a bit embarrassing at times. I would like to brew up some coffee and dive into some of my journal entries for the afternoon but unfortunately I have too much remaining work in the barn. However, I would like to share this snippet that caught my eye. A brief glimpse into the mysterious depths of a nine year old's brain...

Day #4

Today is violin lesson's. It's Tuesday. I like Mrs. Mallenger a lot. Don't you!? Yesterday I did a article about octopuses! They're really neat! I'm still thinking and wondering what people think, and animals. My feet are very cold. Swimming lessons are going great! Last week we dove in the deepend! It's fun exept for the water coming up my nose! Bye!
Oh! I got a new bag! It's really nice. I have it here with me. Annie still kind of has the cough.

Don't worry, despite this dire prognosis my sister Annie is still alive and well. And I still wonder what people think. And animals.

With cousin Caroline (I'm on the right. With the bottom teeth missing.)


  1. Ha! That is too funny. After getting married I ended up getting rid of almost all of my old journals after I read some of them to Brent. They were far too embarassing to keep around. :) I havent wrote anything in ages and this makes me want to start up again... Thanks for the memory!

    p.s. love the picture!

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  3. Too funny! I can't wait to see what else 9-year-old Elissa thought!

  4. This brought back great memories of hanging out with that 9-year-old Elissa: going to swimming lessons together, talking about the fascinating things we were learning in school, & getting so excited together about the little pleasures in life!