Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome Athos! Our own "noble and handsome" musketeer named after the Comte de la Fere in Dumas' famous novels.

He's won us over already with his sweet personality and cute little groans. Baldrick quickly become fast buddies with him and they spend hours playing together. Little does he know that it will only be a few more weeks before Athos is bigger than him, judging by the size of those paws. He's very people-oriented and is constantly twining around my legs and tripping me or curling up on top of my foot (and then groaning loudly when I have to move). That is the main reason why I wanted to get a puppy from my mom's dog's litter. Ponca (the mama dog) is a sweetie and growing up in my mom's household Athos is already well socialized with kids, dogs and cats.

I was a little worried about taking on another "baby" at this point in my life. And at times I do feel a bit like I'm running a daycare - potty training, making sure everyone eats their food and plays nice... But I'm quite pleased with our new addition and the training will pay off one of these days. Meanwhile I'm determined to enjoy the journey in getting to the finished product. For both dogs and kids (kids just might take a little longer...and more effort and love). And I like having "the boys" to take outside with me to get the mail or run out to the car in the dark. A little companionship and security.

The only member of the household who isn't too pleased with the new addition is Peshewa.

But she'll get over it.


  1. I didn't realize you had a blog either! I love the pets- I've been begging Eric for a pet for years now...but we can't have one in the apartment we are in and we probably don't really have time for one right now. But I still love them! It is nice to catch up with you- even if it is only through the internet. Would love to see you sometime!