Friday, February 5, 2010

When asking for things politely she says: "more please ----- (fill in the blank)"as in: "more please down" from her high chair, or "more please toys". I think I should be teaching her french. Her sentence structure is similar to Dad's example sentence of french translated to english (that he made up): "throw me down the stairs my hat".

She calls zebras "zezas", daddy "lally", banana "meena", snow "ffffnow", violin "lala"

Last weekend Clay playfully attacked her shoulder and after he walked off and she recovered from her giggling fit she looked at me with a slightly shocked, very serious expression and said: "lally bite!"

One night she had a stuffed sylvester cat riding on Callie (her grandparent's ancient calico) and excitedly proclaimed "meow riding meow!". In fact everything rides everything - stemming
from her obsession of riding horses. She spends hours playing with the tub of plastic animals from my own childhood and I walk into her bedroom to find bears riding pigs, orangatangs riding zebras, dogs riding elephants, rabbits riding whales. It's a crazy world out there.

She likes holding William for 5 second long intervals and frequently greets him with "hi little boy!" or "silly baby".

Her imagination is taking off in leaps and bounds and this morning I looked over to see her "playing" her spoon like a whistle. The irish jam session we attended recently might have had some influence in that.


  1. I loved reading Margaret's "isms" & getting a picture of what her personality's becoming! I especially enjoyed hearing about her imagination & love of horse back riding - it reminds me of someone I know ;)