Saturday, January 30, 2010

A new year, a new state, and a new home. I think it calls for a new start on the old blog....once again. After a three year hiatus in the beautiful northwest making great friends, getting plugged into a whole new and wonderful church community (and the communities within that big CREC community), adding two new amazing and adorable children to our little family, and exploring every place we could think of -- it's back home to Missouri and life in the country.

It's been exactly a month since we arrived (late at night and in the freezing cold) to our new country estate - a 1923 stone farmhouse that used to belong to Clay's grandparents and most recently a rental house on his parent's 140 acre beef farm. We are the new tenants and hope to someday make it our own little oasis. I'm sure a huge part of this blog will be devoted to our improvements to the place and all the critters that come with proper country living. So far I've taken all the "before" pictures of the place and I'm looking forward to the day when I deem it appropriate to take the much more attractive "after" shots.

We're making progress. So far we've moved the breaker box out of the shower (perhaps the worst place in the whole house for the breaker box?) and had some other necessary electrical work done. Clay's been supporting all the weak spots in our old but nice hardwood floors, as well as other much needed tasks. And I have been donning my painting clothes every day and painting every nook and cranny in the house. And believe me, it needed it. Two bedrooms and the kitchen down, three more rooms to go. Trying to get it all done before the weather gets nice and I want to play outside. There's lots to do out there too.

Life is good. Managing my two beautiful kiddos, driving my new silver minivan to wal-mart to buy more paint and getting plugged into a new church family. So here goes. A new life. And a new blog. Wish me luck.


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