Friday, April 4, 2008

Yesterday felt like the first real day of spring. I even ventured outside for our daily walk in just a sweatshirt. It seemed like all of Moscow was out enjoying the warmth and sunshine. Clay and I enjoyed a nice lunch break sitting outside Patty's Kitchen. Today it felt like winter again. But there were still signs of spring to be found. The lilacs in the arboretum were budding. Yesterday also marked the beginning of what could become a novel pastime for Margaret....spitting. It's true that she has a long way to go until this new art is mastered, but the beginnings have been made. Apparently drooling was getting a little too routine. Another development, small but still noteworthy, is that she no longer just cries when I put her on her stomach, she cries and kicks her legs in an army crawl motion. Crawling may not be as far off as I had thought.
This afternoon Margaret and I had a little fun with hats. Margaret happened to be wearing her cute overalls today and she reminded me of one of my favorite storybook characters, Farmer Small. I used to love reading about the adventures of Farmer Small and Cowboy Small along with his trusty steed, Cactus. So with this in mind I supplied Margaret with an appropriate hat and it turned into a photo session. We had a little trouble with the hats falling over her face but she tolerated it admirably.

Margaret is always surprising me with new little habits or accomplishments. I'm always noticing things and then realizing that she's been doing that same thing for quite a while and it just neverdawned on me. Her cry, for example, has recently developed a nice little snort between each sob. When I'm feeling rested enough to appreciate this it can be quite entertaining. And it's hard for me to say, but I'm under the impression that her hair is getting longer (besides the circular bald spot on the back of her head). It seems a little wispier on top and it has a nice reddish tinge to it. That must be courtesy of the Dodson lineage.

As you can see there's not too much news from our household, but I'm realizing that Margaret is changing in little ways every day and I need to write everything down so I can remember it later. So I hope this gives you a brief glimpse into her budding personality and life. I'm finding that parenthood is rewarding as it is challenging, and I love that Margaret enjoys sharing walks and songs and stories with me. Her newest favorite song is one that she earned after her last visit to the doctor - Two foot two, eyes of blue, but oh what those two foot could do, has anyone seen my gal? Now if you run into a two foot two covered with fur, diamond ring and all those things, bet your life it wasn't her...

Hoping you're all enjoying a balmier spring than ours...

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  1. Although it didn't last long, your Uncle Mike had redish hair when he was a young lad Margaret's age.