Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A month ago my little sister got married. It was beautiful, and such a lovely thing to witness so many friends and family members working together to create all of those special little details that really make the wedding a memorable celebration.

My humble contribution was to provide my daughters as flower girls. (And to join in the music making at the reception... which was a really big sacrifice on my part to to be forced into having so much fun.)

Also, my big sister (who also provided a daughter as a flower girl) did a lot of the research and prep work for our mother-of-flower-girls debut, so I can't take much credit. But I thought I'd share what we did on here in the hopes that it may provide some inspiration for others who find themselves playing a similar role.

A few weeks ahead of time we ordered these cute dresses from Amazon. There were a lot of lovely touches of lace in the wedding, so these seemed to fit in with that theme. Our girls also wore full slips and white bloomers underneath, and white ballet slippers that we found on eBay.

About a week before the wedding I practiced a few hairstyles that my sister had found tutorials for online. I ended up liking this "crown twist" style a lot. And it is surprisingly manageable, even for me -- who never fixes her daughters' hair in anything much fancier than a ponytail or a simple braid. I can't even really french braid. So if I can handle this hairstyle, anyone can!

The night before the wedding my sister whipped up these baby's breath flower crowns while I provided moral support, snipped the flower bundles while sipping hot tea, and tied the lace ribbons on at the end. (Here is a tutorial on how to make baby's breath crowns. We got all the supplies needed from Hobby Lobby.) I think they came out beautifully.

It helps that the flower girls are so cute, too.

Happy one month anniversary, little sis!


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