Thursday, May 21, 2015

Though I'm not quite on time posting these snapshots, I did manage to do a timely 6 month photo shoot with our youngest beauty.

Celebrating half a year with this little red headed blue eyed munchkin!


This sweet girl keeps the good times rolling. She smiles, and the world melts around her.

She also knows how to make some pretty silly faces, sporting a larger repetoire than her older siblings could claim at her age.

(See the sweet little birthmark on her cheek? She's the first one of our kids to have one!)

She makes me laugh.

And she loves her tongue. It's almost always sticking out of her mouth. I've tried to tell her it's rude, but she doesn't believe me.

When she's not smiling, or projecting her tongue, her serious side comes through. Inspecting things is hard work, and there's a lot to learn about in this world. Drooling helps with concentration.

I really do mow our grass every now & then. But, as you can see, Harriet prefers when we don't.
I just like to promote sensory development.

Love you, my Hattie.


  1. She is so pretty. I see a lot of her daddy in her in these photos. You are so blessed!!!