Monday, February 16, 2015

Sweet Amelia turned four!

As part of the birthday festivities we made an expedition to Bass Pro.

Alligators, giant gar, ducks, turtles, glass fronted elevators next to waterfalls, and stuffed animals galore.

 The kids love it there so much.

We then came home and did one of our new "artist of the month" activities -- copying some Rembrandt masterpieces. (More on that later.)

Followed by pizza and yummy, moist strawberry cake (with bright pink batter, of course).


 It is so appropriate for Amelia's birthday to be in such close proximity to Valentine's Day. She remains our most cuddly, sweet, lovey-dovey little girl. 

Tipping her head sweetly to one side and exclaiming to me: "Oh! my lady! I love you."
I am constantly showered with kisses and hugs and proclamations of love and affectionate looks. She frequently breaks through my "busy modes" that I get myself into, trying to keep up with the daily to-do list, and my tendency to rush, rush, rush to get things done. She brings me back to solid ground with her unconscious reminders that the only real thing that I need to be concerned about is loving on my children. Her sweetness helps keep me sweeter. 

She is also very, very silly.
Her giggles can be heard throughout the house, and she has a beautiful and bold singing voice.

 Her favorite color is still....PINK.
(Although she will now tolerate a few other colors as well, like soft purple.)

Last year her birthday gifts centered around pink butterflies.
This year it was sparkly pink fairies and unicorns.

Here she explains to me that her favorite animals are Pegasuses (Pegasi?) and Unicorns.
Known for their powers of magic.

 And here are a couple other funnies from our Amelia Bedelia:

"Do you know how I can talk with my lips?
...Because I'm so magic."

"I'm not a boy, so I sing pretty."

"First, when I grow up, I will be a school teacher. Then a horse teacher.
Then when I am too old I will be a princess. Or a queen."

Lobbying to get piglets:
"I will take care of them all! Well....
Mama! You can take care of the mama pig. Because you're a mama. And Daddy can take care of the daddy pig. 'Cause he's a daddy. And I can take care of the babies!"

"You can only be proud of Jesus, and the cross.
...And if your kiddos are being good...."

Preparing to move her carseat to the backseat of the van, in preparation for Hattie's arrival (and the addition of yet another carseat):
"Daddy!! I'm so decided*!!"


 "I'm a cowgirl who holds babies."
(That's the best kind.)

Happy Birthday to our beautiful princess.


  1. oh, this made me laugh and just delight all the more in your family, Elissa & Clay!

    Thanks for sharing the joys, smiles and fun quirks of your kiddos :) I can't wait for a much-anticipated road trip to the land of Fair Grove... hopefully before Amelia's 8th!!

    Love to you all :)