Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It is hard to believe, but there is now a five year old in our midst. Which also means that we have been parents for five years, which is equally hard to believe.

Our firstborn is growing up. And what a wonderful little lady she is. 

For her birthday she requested banana pancakes (in the shapes of puffer fish, cars and horses). She also requested that I take this picture of her wearing her ballerina outfit (over her pajamas).

 She got to attend one of my midwife appointments (which she actually loves, and she claims she wants to be a midwife when she grows up... among other things). We then had a little date to a tea and honey shop where I indulged her with tea and cake. They also had live bees on display which was a definite bonus. I look forward to having many more mother-daughter dates to tea houses in the future.

Her wish for a supper of pigs-in-a-blanket (very gourmet) and strawberry cake was also granted. And she was quite pleased with her big present of a betta fish, which she promptly named McElligot's (she is insistent on including the "s") after Dr. Seuss' McElligot's Pool

This book has been a favorite in the family for several generations.

2011 Margaret & Amelia
ca 1986 Annie & Elissa

Margaret continues to be a silly, sweet, smart, sensitive, and stupendously cute girl. Not to mention a fabulous big sister to her little siblings.

She is excelling in reading, writing, drawing and piano, and her new favorite thing is to work on her choir songs for the church Christmas concert. And, of course, she is working really hard on becoming an excellent horse rider and trainer. Her new project, Fritz, is coming along nicely thanks to her enthusiastic diligence.
Here's to the next five years with our lovely daughter (and many more after that!). 


  1. That hat looks strangely familiar! What a beautiful niece I have.....

    1. She got a lot of compliments on her hat when she wore it into town last week. It's nice to have such a talented hat maker in the family. :)

  2. Where's the picture of the fish? Clara Dey

    1. My apologies, Clara. I will try to remedy that shortly. :)

  3. Most beautiful, fun, smart 5 year-old I know!