Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I realize today is indeed Wednesday, and not Saturday.

Sometimes it helps to have a little incentive to get through the week.

 One of those incentives is always our Saturday morning breakfasts.
It inevitably gives us a much later start on our "work around the home & farm" day every week. But it feels so good to lounge in bed for a few extra minutes, start with a cup of coffee (that the hubby makes), and eat a leisurely breakfast that always involves copious amounts of bacon.

 Saturday mornings are the main reason we have discussed the idea of adding a pig to the farm. And a milk cow, for the cream in our coffee.

William is a bacon lover, like his father. But the girls seem to have a stronger affinity for blueberries, especially in pancakes.

Margaret & William are designated helpers. Dropping in blueberries and even helping flip over the food. They eat it up. Quite literally.

I'm feeling better already.


  1. Saturday morning is a WONDERFUL thing to look forward to. :) Micah always makes breakfast ( and he is a morning person, so it is usually much more inspired than what I would come up with! ) and I sleep in. ;)

  2. Clay always makes our Saturday morning breakfasts too. Isn't it wonderful to have an inspired husband? :)

  3. Just finished a batch of maple syrup here -- boiled it down in the driveway over the weekend. Finished it off in the kitchen yesterday and the house smells good! Need pancakes.

  4. Okay, I think I know how to write a comment without it being incorrectly attributed to others.