Friday, December 2, 2011

Clay and I were presented with this family heirloom on Thanksgiving.

Old instruments fascinate me. Imagining all of the stories they could tell, all of the beautiful music and festive gatherings they have been a part of. I guess it is the romantic in me.

My own violin has always held that appeal for me, being somewhere in the vicinity of 200 years old. And this 'new' violin has even more character. It is in rough shape, and very likely may never be playable again. Its origin is unknown, but it entered the Gilham family in an un-padded cardboard box shipped to Clay's great-grandfather from someone in Texas. But the really amazing thing about this violin is the hand-carved scroll.

William loves it. He loves anything with lions right now (as well as hippos and alligators).  

Now I need to plan a trip to St. Louis to get both of my violins looked at and appraised. See what kind of miracles it would take to get this beauty in working order, or at least how to preserve it. I love the old cracked and worn wood. I love the lion's head. I love the wisps of wavy horse hair falling off of the bow. It's a lovely addition to our house, and collection of family heirlooms.


  1. wow!! what a stunning gift :)

    going to a contra dance a few weeks ago brought back so many memories of your gifted family and all the joy that music & friends bring!! :)

    enjoy the gift(s)! ( ;