Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last week Margaret got an early birthday present from her Dey grandparents. It was such a good find that none of us could resist giving it to her five months early. She didn't seem to mind.

It was broken in properly with an authentic Dey family jam session in the rather cramped quarters of my grandma's dining room. She sawed away for several tunes and told me that her favorite was "Swinging on a Gate". After "Drowsy Maggie", of course.

As soon as we got home that evening she had to get it back out to demonstrate her virtuoso skills for Daddy. And she's been playing it at least once a day all week.

She loves cleaning her strings with a cloth and putting rosin on her bow. But most of all she loves playing "crazy like Paganini".


  1. I love seeing how your kids resemble their mama :) this is so cute, and William's signing antics sound adorable, though slightly unnerving!

    It must be an exciting household to live and grow in!

    I think it's wonderful how you nurture your kids' enthusiasm and uniqueness, Elissa. Keep it up!

  2. She is so cute! It sounds like a good time at your house. :)