Friday, February 4, 2011

Forgive me for posting twice in one day...I'm trying to keep myself from dwelling on the fact that we're getting more snow. Typically I would be ecstatic. When does Missouri ever actually get a decent amount of snow?? I would be especially ecstatic if I could actually get out and go cross country skiing or sledding or horseback riding in the snow. However, when one is trapped inside with two toddlers and contemplating how the snowy roads may contribute to an undesirably exciting birth story it changes the appreciation level. It has caused me to change from having a northerner's love of snow to the southerner's level of enjoyment:

So in an effort to try to stay on the positive side of things I was remembering how beautiful and enjoyable I found the snows in Idaho. Even with our big blizzard we still haven't quite attained this level of snowfall here:

And this line of thought led me to find these two pictures. The first being a perfect example of the signs I gave my parents in showing them that I was a budding biologist. Not every two year old squats down to study elk scatology on such a close level.

And since Margaret shares my Idahoan native heritage my mom couldn't resist this shot when we came across more elk poo on Moscow Mountain three years ago.

It's the little things in life that help keep things upbeat.


  1. I love the poo photos of you and Margaret! Too cute!