Friday, December 5, 2008

Sitting at my computer, compulsively checking craigslist for cheap upright pianos and nice dining room tables, I've realized that I'm perhaps becoming a little too obsessed. The problem is that I've had two super nice tables (with chairs, for extremely cheap!) and a couple nice pianos snatched up from under me. It's almost worse than the kirkbay emails. You have to be QUICK. No pondering on it for five minutes, you have to call as soon as the ad appears. I've gotten so frustrated that I started imagining some dark and shadowy figure hovering over a distant computer, picking up my chosen items seconds before I call, just to aggrevate me.

I think it's time to walk the dog and read Margaret some books. And ignore the computer for a while. I might turn into the grinch.

On a brighter note there are light snow flurries in the forecast for Portland!


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