Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It seems that August was our month for acquiring new things. New job, new apartment, new church, new puppy, new teeth for Margaret... and now a new car.

On Saturday we took a little family walk to the Chevy dealership right next to our apartment complex to start looking around for a new vehicle. There were some good options there and since we were in the mood, after we dropped the puppy off at home, we took the car and drove to the Honda dealership to look some more. We've been talking about getting a new car - and downsizing to that one new car - for quite some time. Especially now since Clay is able to take public transit to work. So after a few weeks at our new situation we decided it was a good time to start seriously shopping around to see what was available. Of course we were not planning on actually buying a new car that naturally we did. We ended up trading both of our cars into the dealership in exchange for the new (used) car and therefore do not have any car payments to make. I was pretty sad to say good-bye to big red. It had been a faithful car - taking me safely to and from Cape Cod, to Idaho with all its steep grades and rough back roads and even down to the redwoods. Hopefully some nice family will enjoy the last few miles that it has to offer. Clay had to haggle with the salesman quite a bit but he did really well and made a good deal with the new car. I was glad he was doing the talking and bargaining because we did have a strong pressure salesman. After a flurry of paperwork we drove back our new 2004 Hyundai Elantra. One of its perks is that it does get really good gas mileage (rated in the top 10 most fuel efficient cars on some list or other). But the biggest perk is that it has four doors so I no longer have to crawl into the back of my sports car to strap Margaret in. And it has a hatchback with a decent sized trunk for our stroller and camping gear. All in all I think we will be quite pleased with our new purchase. Have to enjoy being able to fit into a sleek car while we can - I think our next upgrade will be to a mini van.

We celebrated Labor Day by sleeping and walking around Crystal Spring's rhododendron park with Aunt Lindsey and her elderly golden retriever Chartley (named after that corner in Norton). Chartley wasn't very impressed with Baldrick's antics but they got along tolerably well, Baldrick intrigued by her big fluffy tail. Poor Margaret has been upstaged by the dog. Everyone goes crazy over our adorable, friendly corgi and then as an afterthought casually mention that our baby is cute too. Baldrick got his picture taken at least five times. Margaret contented herself by watching me feed the ducks bread (she ate some herself too). And we had a nice visit with Lindsey.

So we had a nice end to an eventful month and an even nicer beginning to a new September. The other members of our family are doing well too. Peshewa can't decide if she wants to kill Baldrick or spend her days in hiding on top of tall furniture but I think progress in their relationship is slowly being made. Yum is still alive and chewing his way through small cardboard boxes. And Arlo is still working through his repetoire of words and sounds. He gets out at least once a week when I clean his cage and he loves getting table scraps, which he receives in a flurry of excitement while muttering "there you go Arlo!".


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