Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Margaret is my adventure buddy. She loves being outside. In fact, I don't think we could sanely make it through a day without at least going for one walk. So today we ventured out despite the hurricane force winds and pouring rain. It was great. I felt like one of the heroines of the Jane Austen books/BBC period films, wandering through some estate woods in England (for that is what the old arboretum woods reminds me of), caught in the rain. Only my loud zebra striped umbrella brought me back to reality. The woods were beautiful with vibrant purple and white flowers set against the lush green of the undergrowth. And the smell of wet earth and cedar shavings reminded me nostalgically of my old friend Chinook, and how much I used to enjoy his companionship and horsey smell on rainy days.

And don't worry, although we live in Moscow - place of nonsensical weather - the blizzard we experienced was of the delectably edible kind. We splurged on a blender this past weekend and broke it in with a fruitastical smoothie. Margaret thought it was the best thing she's ever tasted. She begged off both me and Clay for bites and was very sad when it was all gone. I'm quite excited for the embarrassment of yumminess that we can now enjoy this summer.

However, tonight, I think, calls for some delicious, warm, homemade veggie and beef soup with herb bread. Mmmm.


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